The Healing Circle

The traditional purpose of the African Healing Circle is to provide a sacred space where community-based challenges are addressed in an orderly manner.

There, in the Circle, everyone has equal access to the Center of power. In the Circle, we discuss life and death issues such as COVID19, community violence and systemic racism.

We also celebrate victories, share in defeats and pour libations that connect us to all living things and each other. In essence, the goal of an African Centered Circle is to create a safe space for people to share information/ideas, express their feelings, decrease a sense of isolation by feeling connected, valued, comforted, and respected, but most importantly -it is a place to heal. Our Healing Circle is provided each week on Fridays from 1-3pm in collaboration with the Conversations with Al McFarlane program which airs on KFAI Radio Station and is streamed live on Facebook and YouTube.