Project Murua

Project Murua: Pre-Meditated Parenting Bootcamp provides three intensive boot camp trainings annually graduating approximately 45 parents who are raising children of African descent ages 0-18 years old.

The target was to provide 45 uninsured or underinsured children and adults with access to culturally specific mental health services.

To date, we have already exceeded expectations by providing mental health services to 191 children, adults and families who received over 1203 sessions consisting of diagnostic interviews, individual psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy, crisis intervention and ancillary services. Our clinicians have provided cultural consultations and care coordination services with other mental health providers, schools, medical personnel (such as nurses, primary care providers, personal care attendants, pediatricians, psychiatrists) as well as other entities such as religious and social service organizations to provide multi-systemic support.

Likewise, Project Murua also provides individual wellness coaches who facilitate the development of family wellness plans for each program participant. Finally, Project Murua sponsors monthly meetings for Program graduates to maintain bonds of support, maintain skills, and increase their knowledge base. The program has been designed so that Project Murua Parents may be deployed into the community as peer educators and co-facilitators of future boot camp classes. They are also hired to return to the group as instructions and program facilitators.

Program evaluation data exploring the efficacy of the program as a prevention and early intervention strategy suggests that Murua parents have increased their parenting skills, increased their commitment to overall wellness and decreased their exposure to violence as a result of being in the program.