Clinical Supervision & Training

Over this past year, in partnership with Brakins Consulting & Psychological Services, the African American Child Wellness Institute has offered over 1220 hours of clinical and licensure-readiness training to African American trainees seeking supervision and licensure.

So far, the collaboration has provided over 110 mentorship hours per year, 290 individual supervision hours, and over 98 hours of group consultation and group supervision hours focused on learning culturally congruent skills in providing mental health support to children and adults of African descent. In its’ history, these organizations through coaching, supervision and mentoring work have assisted over 35 African American clinicians to gain licensure as Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors/Clinical Counselors, and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Therapists. Many of the individuals who have been trained at this facility have gone on to become independent practitioners, organizational leaders, and clinical directors at other organizations.

Using local and nationally-recognized speakers, their clinical trainings have covered topics such as: Risk Management- Documentation & Practice Guidelines & Expectations; Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy Techniques; Beyond Paperwork: Addressing Historical Abuses of Power in Integrative Behavioral Health[Working with Traumatized Inner City Black Youth; Changing Behaviors Within the Context of Treating Clients of African Descent; Effects of Chemical Dependency within the family on the Development of Black Youth; Parenting & Implementing Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques among American Veterans; Play Therapy Techniques with African American Clients; Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: The Concept, the Practice & the Possibilities; Putting Ancient Afrocentric Principles to Practice In Today’s Treatment Environments; Working with Black Families & Five Types of Black Couples; Narrative Therapy Techniques with African American clients; HIV and the African American Community; Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders in African American Clients; Using EDMR to Address Trauma in African American clients.